Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Where I am now

It is the week (actually more like 9 days) which I spend at the Junior Leader Training Conference. Last year I was the Scoutmaster, and this year returned to the position I have held for 6 years before -- Assistant Scoutmaster for Administration.

We are at Camp Sequassen in Winsted CT. I have two platform tents back to back. One has my cot (with mosquito netting) and personal gear, and the other is my office with a table made from a door on saw horses, and all sorts of files, papers, craft supplies, the PC (with 26 K dial up access), and printers. Last of all is the laminating machine. I tried to post a photo with my last post, but the connection was so slow the photo was lost. I'll try this.

Today is the end of Tuesday (Day 3), we will be done on Saturday at noon, to be followed by packing up and cleaning out!

More to come!

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  1. Neat photo, sir. It's your own wilderness office!