Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Update - What administrators do

Well, it has been one of those days...After several days, I finally completed my trek first through the emails, and then through the snail mail which arrived while I was at the National Jamboree.

Part of the afternoon was reading the incident reports which accumulated. These include all sorts of untoward events in the library. The batch ranged from a patron screaming about overdues (resolved when a family member called and apologized), to human excrement left inside the building, to a patron who has had a recent series of events where she did not control her bodily functions, to tacks left on chairs at the Internet work stations.

Then there is the paperwork. Time cards, absence slips. When they are dealt with in a timely fashion, it does not seem so overwhelming. Several weeks together....that's more work (and confusion).

I still have not read the minutes of the City Council meetings, and the newly adopted ordinances. However, I am almost caught up in reading Publisher's Weekly (PW). I really do not like the new look. I find the "foreword" quite distracting with the boxes below, and the various sizes of type. The columns are "loose" on the page, and I find my eye wandering -- and therefore I do not read everything.

I met with the Mayor's chief advisor about the hiring process for a new security officer. Of course there was the fallout paperwork from that!

In a recent email, I was pointed to an article on the future of public libraries which appeared in the UTNE Reader. I am not sure that I have completely processed what Chris Dodge is saying, but I certainly found some gems of ideas in there.

Today, I actually feel like my work-life is back under control. Of course, tomorrow is my last day in the office for just more than a week. At least this time I will have slow and painful dial-up connection, and a little time to deal with some of the issues.

I promise some more Jamboree reflections over the next week.

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