Friday, July 13, 2012

Conversational twists and turns

I was in a work meeting today. All of the people in the meeting were colleagues whose commonality was that we deliver continuing education opportunities. We were talking about some of our experiences in delivering web sessions, and what participants think we can and cannot hear. The conversation, among a sub-set of us, took this series of interesting turns.
  • Love that the web presentation software has a "Mute All" button. XXX is the Queen of Muting.
  • Looks like they have really created a "cone of silence."
  • Several of us commented that we enjoyed the old TV show Get Smart
  • "You know, they really could make a shoe phone now..."
  • But who wants to put their shoe up to their face....etc.
  • What we need now is an "iFlop" -- You know, a flip flop with an iPad built in.
If Apple really does create an "iFlop," I am claiming credit!

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