Sunday, April 22, 2012

Google SUCKS!!

I am pissed.

Google has decided that they do not like the interfaces that we use, and that we must change. Even if it is not broken, and that we do not want it.

For more months that than I can remember, they have been asking if I want the "new look." I tried it, decided I don't want it, and declined, and declined for month after month. They asked why, and I told them. Middle of the day today...I got the new look.

There is NO way to contact them and complain.

And then...I logged in here, and I have been thrust into a new interface which I never asked for, do not like, and I am pissed.

I am about to change everything to another provider!!

Google, notice to you: "Do no evil" does not mean, piss off your users...

Addition 4/23: The forwarding function for Gmail does not work as you would expect. I apparently does nothing but let you think you are forwarding you gmail to another account.

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