Tuesday, February 08, 2011

IKEA lies - IKEA service sucks

It is strong language...but it is my truth.

I previously believed it wrong. but today it was proved true.

Story to prove the truth:
We have owned a lamp for several years. (It is not an expensive lamp.)

The lamp broke at the base. It is a fundamental design flaw because it is the single week point since it is the single piece which joins the base to the pole for the lamp. The lamp you don't want to buy is the NOT.

Mine snapped off right where the base goes to the upright pole.

Clearly a weak point.

I tried to get a replacement part from the local hardware store, but since two sides are machined, it is not available from anyone but IKEA.

So, I called the national number.

They said to visit "my local store." Yeah, right. The light was purchased in Minnesota, the "nearest" store is in Houston which is almost 500 miles away.
Previously, with another piece of furniture, the customer service folks had been wonderfully accommodating. This time? Not so much. After a series of emails, here is the response I received:
Unfortunately, IKEA simply does not have the availability of an
option to purchase separate components for our NOT lamps, either in
store or online.

We appreciate your inquiry and apologize for the inconvenience, but
the only possible way a replacement component might be obtained would
be at an IKEA store that happened to have availability in its
recovery department.
Which means (to me) that, if you cannot come to our store, you are SOL (Simply Out of Luck).

Well, that is so not 21st Century. It is so not Internet friendly, and most importantly, it is not green. IKEA says on its web site:
The Never Ending list consists of all the improvements we have made for people and the environment. Here’s where we are so far.

[A long list ... not really environmental. ]
And you know what? They lie!!

I have in my car trunk, a light base, and the pole, but NO way to connect them, and I have to toss them because the manufacturer WILL NOT provide the parts. I have to toss these otherwise useful parts because of the lack of a $2 piece of shaped metal.

So, I say: IKEA lies. IKEA sucks!!!!!

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  1. Ask around & you can probably find a hobby machinist or "retired craftsman" who can replicate the part, or figure out an alternate connection. But yes in general our society is trending more & more to cheaply made goods with no provision for repair.