Thursday, September 09, 2010

Blogger - How the hell do you give them feed back

Ok...I know that this is a free service. But, did you know that it is next to impossible to find a way to send them a message???

It may be one of the few places on the web where there is no way to give input on changes.

Today when I logged in, I find that I am required to use my Google/gmail account. This is even though, I established this blog with a different email.

Why does that matter? Well, if I want to log out of editing the blog, I am automatically, and unceremoniously dumped out of my gmail account.

As with so many Google "enhancements" (and similar to the "features" provided in Microsoft upgrades), it was unannounced (even though they *do* have my email address...or two!).

What is up with that? Look at what happened to Jstor.

Wordpress is beginning to look good.....


  1. A change they made to Google's Blogger automatically removes "spam" posts. That's nice, but so far it has removed 4 non-spam posts and 0 spam posts. And it just showed up one day. It does allow you to mark them as not spam, but it did not seem to remember that setting and it was the same person whose posts were blocked. Sounds similar to what you are reporting. Still, I'm sticking with Blogger.

  2. Actually, your problem was different than mine. My concern is about logging in. When I log out after this comment, I will automatically, and against my wishes, be logged out of Gmail, which I will then have to go log on....again.