Monday, December 21, 2009

Links - End of December

Great article I picked up from Stephen Abram. He uses this stop light analogy to ask us (as librarians) to think about unintended consequences.
Cute picture here (from Boing Boing, I can't remember who pointed to it). It reminds me of the old TV show Green Acres!

You have to admire when someone admits that they do not do something as well as they think they should and points to a better example. David Lee King does this in talking about inviting comments.

And then there is the topic of Ebooks. First a set of predictions for 2010, then a free Ebook from Seth Godin.

One of my online/virtual friends is an academic library director (and happens to be at the undergraduate alma mater for one of my brothers and his wife -- SUNY Potsdam). She has an interesting post about "redecorating" a stairwell which was not originally part of the designed public space in the building. They let students do it! Graffiti as art! Way to go, Jenica!

The Unquiet Librarian (Buffy Hamilton) has a guest blog piece about "What makes a Library a Library?" It is good reading.

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