Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Driving thoughts

I have done some driving this summer. One trip was back to Connecticut to collect the last of my personal possessions so that they are all together in one city.

I have been sporadically reading the various blogs on my list. One of the non-library ones I heard about via the Brown University alumni discussion list (which is sporadic in volume). It is a personal blog written by a Brown staffer, and the "listmom."

Earlier this month she posted about driving. It is a very thoughtful post which somewhat reflects my experience. In my work life I have driven with traffic flow and against the traffic flow, as well as short within the city commutes, and in the even older days, I took the bus.

I will note that her last experience reminded me of the one thing I miss about the longer commute: listening to NPR and "All Things Considered" each evening. [And in finding the link, I found this great Wikipedia article about ATC!]

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  1. Thanks for linking, Michael! Yes, NPR is a wonderful addition to the commute. I love "All Things Considered." When I lived near Brown, I rarely got to listen to it.