Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Giving Thanks

I know that I am late....but I went away for the Thanksgiving holiday, and turned off electronics for the duration. Yesterday (Monday) was left to catch up -- both at home and at work.

I have been composing this post in my head for some time.

This year I am thankful for:
  • Having a job which I enjoy and which has challenges
  • Having been accepted into a completely new and different community
  • The many adventures I have had over the past year
  • For my friends:
    • My new Rotary friends in Eau Claire
    • My friends from Leadership Eau Claire
    • The many friends I have at work
    • Friends in "the Cities"
    • My many virtual friends who offered support
    • My many professional colleagues (especially within ALA)
  • For my family:
    • My mother who survived a health crisis this fall
    • My brothers and sisters who are watching over her more carefully and keeping us all better informed
    • My kids (even when they don't answer my emails!)
  • For being healthy. While I have pus some weight back on, I am still close to my lower band of weight, and feel great because of that!
It has been an interesting and surprising year. It was just a year ago that I left Bridgeport to move to Wisconsin. It was the right decision.

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