Friday, April 06, 2007

Yes, I am alive

If you look at the pictures from Flickr, you will see what I did for St. Patrick's Day. That was a fund raiser and PR event for the Library's Capital Campaign.

I also finally found the photos from my November visit (lining up a place to live, setting up bank accounts, etc.) Frankly, I thought that they may have been lost in the transition from the old work laptop to my new one and the external hard drive. I finally had the "A-ha!" moment needed to find them. Of course, I should be spending more time re-organizing my files at home, and de-duping them so that I don't have three or four copies of the same files. I should also be taking the ones I don't need off my laptop, and looking through the box of disks to organize that electronic stuff.

Work has been hectic. If life goes well, I will post about the Organizational Wellness Audit which has taken an important part of my work life time lately.


  1. File management would be a good thing to do, but really, what you "should" be doing is breathing deeply and resting when you're not at work. That first six months of any new job is a killer!

  2. Thanks Karen. You are right, and there are always the surprises. Between some changes in my personal life and learning a whole new community and its culture, I have been spending lots of time not doing my "housekeeping."

    Actually, I found the leaving of the old job harder than the starting of the new one. There were so many things in which I had become involved that remembering to pull away gracefully (for the sake of the organization I was representing) from every group was hardest.