Thursday, March 01, 2007

Google Reader Redux

Steven Cohen at Library Stuff picked up on my frustration with Google Reader. He and the other commenters are correct, you can read the oldest first, but only if you choose that option under view settings....feed by feed. You can not set that as the universal default. Even Google's help says that it is done feed by feed.

If I were starting from scratch, it would be a pain, but not a real problem.

I am importing 174 feeds from Bloglines. I have neither the time nor the inclination to tweak a setting (involving multiple clicks) for that many feeds.

Google Reader has lost me for now, and whatever problems Bloglines has, I will deal with them.

[And it may be a network problem at my end, or the fact I use Firefox, but Google Reader loads noticeably more slowly than Bloglines.]


  1. Michael:

    I clicked on "expanded view", then "All items", then used the pull down "View Settings", then "sort by oldest first" and it worked perfectly well for me.

    I'm reading teh oldest posts in River Of News right now.

    I'm so sorry that it isn't working for you.

  2. And it does work if you want to read all the posts at once. But if you want to choose which blog to read first, you still have to set that view blog by blog.

    In addition to the fact that some very, very old posts are showing up in "my" version of the reader with dates of yesterday, or the day before.

    I still need to be sold that it is better. Andy maybe I am being way too resistant and comfortable with what I already know, but I thought that "2.0" was about letting users define how they get their own services. This is NOT a "2.0" service in my not so humble opinion.