Sunday, October 29, 2006

This weekend's adventure

Well, it started out simply enough. I agreed to serve as the Head Cook for the Owaneco Lodge's Fall Fellowship. It had an interesting theme: Monty Python. All I had to do was cook. It was an event all about fun. It would not be huge (about 60 - 80), and would be held at my favorite Scout Camp: Deer Lake.

Friday went well. Shopping was not a problem. I got everything I needed. I was all set to have food on the table when I was expected to. "No problems, mate."

Saturday's weather was predicted to be bad with rain and high winds, including High Wind Warning for our part of Connecticut. Breakfast went fine. We started working on lunch, and at about 10:30 or so, the power went out. We sat a waited for a bit. The Camp Ranger (lives on the property) came by to report that a falling tree had brought down the power line. No idea on when it would be fixed, he had cleared the road, but the power company needed to fix the line.

We re-grouped. Several propane lanterns were located, and lunch prep continued. Fortunately the stoves were all gas (large propane tanks), and we could see enough to cut and cook without too much problem ... Except ... NO WATER. Since the Camp is on a well, with no power there is no water. We started by collecting rain water -- that was enough to finish the soup, but we would need more.

Once the road was cleared, two expeditions headed out for water, and we kept going.

Thank goodness the lights came back on at about 4:30, so before dark, we were set.

Food went well, all the boys were happy, and my "swan song" as the Head Cook ended happily!

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