Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A REALLY, REALLY, bad day in the life

Well, yesterday was one of those days. It started with the phone call from my Library Maintenance Manager that the rainstorm of the night before (over 4 inches) had resulted in water leaks in the Main library building. One photo is here. There is a set on Flickr with more. And I'll mention more later.

That was 7:15 am. At about 8:30, I got into my car to drive to Westport Library for my morning meeting which was a session on some personnel principles. Of course, my son had driven it last, and the gas light came on. So...off to the gas station in the drizzle. Then to the highway. The first route I was going to take was still flooded from the rain the night before. Detour. I'm getting to be late, and then I hit I-95. It was gridlock. Bumper to bumper all the way down. It took a whole CD to get the less than 15 miles from my house to the Westport Library. The presenter was even later than I was! I did get some good shots of their donor wall: River of Names.

Many phone calls were made on the break. After all, we had a program scheduled that evening which had been moved downtown from the North Branch because the North HVAC system was blown out during a storm this summer, and still has not been repaired. Photos from that are linked later.... I dashed back for a very productive meeting with the City's new head of ITS. They do not manage our systems, but we may be partnering for some acquisitions.

It is now after three pm, and I have barely checked my email, or anything else. I did that for about an hour, and decided I needed some down time. The pool at the Bridgeport and Stratford YMCAs are both closed for maintenance, so I drove to Milford. What a gorgeous pool. I swam about a half mile, and came back. Ate a little, and then the program.

We were hosting a program which featured three of the Ron Brown Scholars. One of those who came to speak was Carmelle Norice who is pictured on the cover of the book. The turnout was modest, but the program was a success. The local daily covered it, and I expect to see an article with photos over the weekend. (The article is being written by one of my favorite free-lancers.) Photos from the event are here.

Then it was check email, and stuff....I was at my desk until almost midnight. A long day. Bad and good. On to tomorrow....

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