Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The importance of Libraries

My friend Jessamyn called attention to this great article about the value of libraries on LifeHacker. Personally, I'm thrilled at all that it says.

One link caught my eye in the first paragraph under "Membership Has Its Privledges." That was the link to publiclibraries.com. That site has links to state lists, and I looked at Connecticut. Finding a public library in Connecticut can be complicated since there are so many named libraries. Other than a typo or two (Newton should really be Newtown; Branford and Bridgeport appear twice in the alphabetical list), it is pretty good.

I'm a little unclear who maintains the site, but I did send a note asking for Bridgeport's branches to be listed (as are those of the other libraries), so perhaps I'll find out. I do note that they require the update forms to be filled in by a "library official."

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