Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Old movie, same role

CLA (Connecticut Library Association) President Alice Knapp writes a column for the association's newsletter each month. (I know I used to write one when I was President.) For the November issue, she talks about a short movie on the profession.

The movie is on the Internet Archive. I downloaded it, and took a look. While there are parts that are dated (the visuals, the lack of diversity, some of the technology), it is amazing how well done it is, and how well it presents librarians in a good light.


  1. And all this with a Bachelor of Science in Library Science... (I wonder when the MLS did become accepted as the typical degree; I would have thought earlier than 1947, but maybe not.)

    Interesting, and perhaps I shouldn't note too broadly that the only male pictured is the "highly paid executive" who's the library director for a large library.

  2. I know that Clara Jones (ALA President when I was in Library School) had a BLS, not even a Masters. I remember being surprised at that.

    Actually Southern Connecticut State University still offers a BLS. I know several folks in the state who have both a BLS and an MLS.